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A Nice Short Safari to Queen Elizabeth

Hey there?! Do you feel like having a short Uganda wildlife safari to queen Elizabeth national park?

You are just in the right place, so grab your safari boots and binoculars and come with me on this 1-day wildlife tour in Uganda to queen Elizabeth national park.

This 1-day Uganda wildlife tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park puts you in a prime position to explore Queen Elizabeth National Park also famously dubbed as the “medley of wonders”.

Located along the western Uganda safari circuit, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a sprawling savannah plains park that is filled with an incredible amount of wildlife bio diversity to feast your eyes on with numerous attractions ranging from 95 mammal species, which includes the rare tree climbing lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, hippos, bush bucks, a wide range of antelope family, a variety of monkey species and chimpanzees, 600 bird species and many reptiles like the Nile crocodiles, snakes and lizards and a number of volcanic features like volcanic cones and crater lakes like lake Katwe and Kikorongo.

The epitome of this wildlife safari Uganda in Queen Elizabeth National Park will be a drive in the Kasenyi park sector that gives you an edge with potential of sighting the king of the African jungle the lion which might be spotted relaxing mindlessly in the tree branches found in this sector and not definitely missing an opportunity to see the largest living mammals the African bush elephants in their herds traversing the these savanna plains.

A boat cruise on the famous Kazinga channel will really leave you breathless as you in given a rare opportunity to sight some of the powerful dwellers of the Kazinga waters such as the famous Nile crocodiles as well as the unmistakable hippos in large numbers.

Highlights of the 1-day excursion to queen Elizabeth national park

This 1-day excursion begins with an early morning pick up from your lodge in Kasese then transfer to queen Elizabeth national park. Engage in the morning game drive then an afternoon boat cruise.

Detailed itinerary of the 1-day trip excursion

Queen Elizabeth National ParkThis 1 day Uganda wildlife safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park kicks off with an early morning freshly brewed cup of Ugandan coffee served with crunchy bites then ready yourself for a mesmerizing Uganda tour journey to queen Elizabeth national park.

This is a rather a short journey but trust me when I say its fully loaded with memorable experiences as you get many mind-blowing road sightings you get to see as you drive towards queen Elizabeth on this tour Uganda.

These begin with green scenaries that cover most of uganda’s land scape then enjoy a sight of numerous hard-working Ugandans riding bicycles fully loaded with farm produce rushing to the nearest market centres to make a sale then feel the gentle and fresh breeze that will blow all your sorrows away.

The Spectacular Game Drive 

On arrival to Queen Elizabeth National Park strap yourself in for a spectacular early morning game drive over the Kasenyi sector, the drive through the  Kasenyi plains gives you an opportunity to sight the kings of the jungle as they roam the vast plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park looking for their next meal, still on this safari Uganda morning game drive gives you the best chance to view of some of the finest African mammals that call this national park like the largest land mammal on the planet the African bush elephant, the stubborn African cape buffalo, Uganda kobs, topis, bush backs and hyenas might be spotted.

After having a short break, you will proceed to the Mweya jetty to take part memorable activity on this wildlife tours in Uganda which is an evening boat cruise on the Kazinga channel.

Boat Launch

On boarding the cruise boat, please take an upper deck seat on the side of the boat if you aren’t afraid of heights so as to have an impressive view of the majestic waters of the Kazinga channel that are filled with the thousands of hippos and Nile crocodiles which are all looking for their next meal but this shouldn’t get your blood boiling as you are safely protected by a network of metal rails that have been put on around the entire boat.

In case you don’t do well with heights then take a lower deck seat on the side of the boat and you will still have unmatched views of all the action transpiring in the waters of the Kazinga.

Still, on this tour in Uganda boat cruise, don’t forget to look out for numerous water bird species such as the king fishers that roam over the skies of the Kazinga channel diving into the waters of this channel to make out their evening snack.

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Where Else in Uganda to Do Get a Truly Magical Uganda Wildlife Experience?

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