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A Uganda Gorilla Safari to Remember!! – Uganda Safari News

Do you want to do a Uganda gorilla trekking tour in Bwindi but you just not into doing that long road drive? Well, here is a 3 Days Fly to Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari tour Uganda that will put you at ease.

The 3-day Bwindi fly in and out Uganda gorilla safari takes you on an encounter with the world’s mountain giants the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park lies about 500km away from Kampala city Uganda’s capital. The impenetrable forests of Bwindi are home to over 400 individuals of these shy gentle mountain giants and this makes Bwindi impenetrable national park home to close to 50% of the entire world’s population of mountain gorillas.

Other mammals that call this forest home chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, red tailed monkeys, over 350 bird species, 350 bird species of which 23 species are endemic to the Albertine rift, 220 butterflies’ species, 27 species of lizards, geckos and chameleon, 163 tree species and 104 species of fern.

There are also the Batwa people or commonly referred to as pygmies living in communities adjacent to the park.

Gorilla Trekking Safari tourWhat To Expect on This Thrilling Uganda Gorilla Tour?

A dramatic and magical encounter with elusive Mountain Gorillas because Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is an official residence of 17 habituated gorilla families which are located in the 4 sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park.

these have a varying number of gorilla families. Ruhija comes with 3 families which are; Orozogo, Bitukura and Kyaguliro.

In Buhoma sector there are 4 families which are Habibanja, Rushegura , Mubare and Katwe. Rushaga sector has 6 families which are Nshongi, Bweza, Kahugye, Busigye, Mishaya and Bikiyingi. In Nkuringo sector there are 3 families which are Nkuringo family, Bishaho family and Christmas family.

As an icing on the cake, experience a one of a kind Uganda cultural safari encounter as you visit the Batwa and have an in-depth understanding of the unique Batwa lives who managed to stay inside the jungles of Bwindi harmoniously side by side with the great beasts that roam free all over this jungle for over 6 millennia.

Uganda Safari Highlights of Your 3 Days Fly to Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari tour Uganda

This 3-day gorilla tour Uganda kicks off with a morning flight from Entebbe to any one of the Kihihi, Nyakabande and Kayonza airstrips within the Bwindi impenetrable national park sector which is then followed by a short drive to your lodge.

Enjoy a relaxed evening leisure stroll on any of the numerous nature trails that gives you a close up look of what really Bwindi impenetrable national park has to offer.

On day 2 of a 3-day fly in and out gorilla trekking safari Uganda, have engage in an epic Uganda gorilla tour experience as you track the elusive mountain giants in their natural dwellings.

Day 3 kicks with a morning cultural thriller as you get to meet some of east Africa’s earliest inhabitants the Batwa who will immerse yourself in a cultural experience of a lifetime as you learn from the Batwa how they got to live in harmony with the giant wild dwellers. Have an afternoon flight out of Bwindi back to Entebbe.

3 Days Fly to Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari Tour Uganda – Detailed Itinerary

On the first day of this Uganda gorilla tour you be picked up from the airport in case you had a morning arrival or any hotel with in Entebbe or Kampala in the morning for and transferred to Entebbe and board a chartered aircraft for a 2-hour flight to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda, this flight is quite a comfortable one as you get to fly in a caravan aircraft with a seating capacity of 11 people.

You will land at any of the Kihihi, Kayonza and Nyakabande airstrips then from there you will be transferred to the lodge where the ever friendly and warm-hearted Ugandans will give you an emphatic welcome and get you settled in your room.

Gorilla Trekking Safari tourA Myriad of Lodging Options on this Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Depending on the budget size of your tour, you are definitely catered for as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park comes with a wide range of lodging options to fit your budget size.

A traveler on an up-market budget size should find comfort inn lodging in some of Bwindi’s finest luxury accommodation facilities Like

Buhoma Lodge: This lodge is located in the buhoma sector, it comes with 10 luxury chalets with en suite bathrooms with both hot and cold water and flushing toilets, an elevated lounge area, bar, dining facilities, free Wi-Fi, recharging facilities 3 pin UK plugs in the lounge area and mosquito nets to keep the bugs away.

Gorilla Forest Camp: This lodge presents to you 8 chalets that come with big queen size beds, a big bath tub and a private veranda, all in a spacious area for you to fill comfortable while you stay in Bwindi.

The camp also provides a lounge area for all guests to mingle. It has a dining area that comes with silver service and a small spar and bar.

Mahongany Springs: offers you super and presidential suites that come with twin or double and triple beds to cater for a large family.

To crown it up, the lodge has double windows to increase your view of the natural wonder and this also comes along with a private terrace for you and mosquito nets to keep these disturbing insects away from you.

Chameleon Hill Lodge: Located in the Rushaga sector, chameleon hill lodge is found on the shores of lake Mutandara and it comes with 10 private cottages that can accommodate 20 people, with 5 twin rooms. Each of these private cottages has distinct color to represent the surrounding background.

Gorilla Safaris Lodge: This comes along with 16 en-suite cottages that are fully self-contained with both hot and cold running water, flushing toilets and solar lights and a private terrace. The cottage has a well-stocked bar and restaurant.

 Clouds Mountain Lodge: Clouds Mountain Lodge is found in the Nkuringo sector and this lodge offers you a one of a kind view of the 8 Virunga volcanoes while in Bwindi impenetrable forest which comes with 10 cottages, restaurant, bar lounging area and reading room.

All these luxury lodges have mastered the art of availing high-quality services that come in luxurious cottages with En suite facilities, private terraces, free Wi-Fi, lounge area, fire place, on-site dining areas, well trained and groomed staff that will always be at your service with a genuine and heartwarming smile.

Choose From a Pool of Mid-range Lodging Options on This Short Uganda Safari.

There are also many mid-range facilities that will give equally high-quality services but at a relatively cheaper price than the luxury lodging options, these include

Volcanoes Bwindi lodge: This lodge has 8 bandas with each banda giving you a spectacular glance at the magnificent Bwindi forest canopy.

This still provides you with en suite bathrooms to each of the banda and also a private terrace for to sit on and wonder and this incredibly beautiful work of nature.

Gorilla Mist Camp: This is found in the ruhija region which has 3 gorilla families, gorilla mist camp gives you a home away from home feeling given their ultimate care attended to their guests in their uniquely nestled lodge with impressive views of the wild jungle.

Bakiga Lodge: Located within the Ruhija sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park, bakiga lodge comes with 8 beautifully crafted cottages that have en suites services and private patios with spectacular views of the Bwindi jungles.

Bakiga lodge has a great restaurant with delicious African foods that have been prepared with an exotic touch to meet the tastes of its esteemed guests. Other services here include solar power, bar services, lounge area and fire place.

Icumbi Gorilla Lodge: The lodge offers 9 en suite cottages that have both cold and hot water. Icumbi gorilla lodge offers a well-stocked bar, restaurant and dining services, evening camp fire, laundry services.

 Rushaga Gorilla Camp: Located in the Rushaga sector, Rushaga gorilla camp comes with 14 luxury tents and 12 standard cabins that have been exceptionally perched on a hill to give you that unique and amazing view of the Bwindi jungle as it sprawls from one hill to another.

All these guest rooms come with en suite facilities and private terraces for you to sit on and marvel at this uniquely poised piece of nature’s work.

Nkuringo Gorilla Camp: Located in the heart of the Nkuringo local community, Nkuringo gorilla camp is a warm place to stay while tracking gorilla families in Buhoma and Nkuringo sector.

The lodge offers 18 cottages that are fully self-contained and have been perfectly situated to give you the best view of the stunning Bwindi forest canopy

For those on a budget travel you still covered as you can lodge in facilities like Buhoma Community Rest Camp, Icumbi Gorilla Lodge and Rushaga Gorilla Camp in their standard rooms that are priced competitively to meet your budget size.

Enjoy a relaxed evening

After this comfortably settling in and freshening up, take time off to sit and relax in the lodge’s well-manicured lawns or at your already secured mini paradise of a private terrace and marvel at this pristine work of nature as you feel the gentle breeze blowing all your troubles away, hear numerous birds as they glorious sing as if they have realized your presence amidst them then  engage with other fellow lodgers about the highlights of this memorable visit to Bwindi as you wait for dinner to be served at 20:00hrs then relax in the warm and cozy lounge as you get to chit chat with other lodgers present, when you feel tired of the conservations retreat to your premium bed and get comfortable for a relaxed night.

Gorilla Trekking Safari tourDay 2 of the 3-Days Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Flying Safari & Batwa Cultural Experience.

Day 2 kicks off with amazing sounds composed by melodious twittering of birds that sing their hearts off to the new day dawn and this is interluded with interjections of other sound calls made by other animals that call this natural paradise home.

Have an early morning breakfast at 06:30hrs then you will be transferred to the park headquarters for a briefing about dos and don’ts about the entire Uganda gorilla trekking tour experience and this lasts for only about 30 minutes, you also get assigned to a particular gorilla family to track as well as a ranger to lead you on this magical experience.

After the briefing, you get to start the most memorable tracking experience of a life time which will engage all your senses from sight as you get to see a multitude of attractions here like birds, reptiles, primates such as black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees. touch, feel the gentle breeze blowing over your skin, smell the sweet scent of fresh air then you get to embark on an experience of life time.

Meet our closest relatives

On locating the tracked gorilla family, you will be surprised at how gentle our close relatives are, the babies may even come close you as way of welcoming you to their family.

You should come along with a camera so as to have this hour with the gorilla documented forever. At the end of your hour, the guide will cut short your re-union with our dear close relatives and you will star your journey back to the starting point where you will be awarded with a tracking certificate.

After the awarding ceremony, head back to the lodge, freshen up and then settle in for lunch after which relax in the green lodge gardens or lounge area. This ends your second day on this beautiful 3-days gorilla safari Uganda.

Day 3 of the 3-Days Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Flying Safari & Batwa Cultural Experience.

Wake up to a steamy cup of typical Ugandan coffee served with crunchy bites after which you will be transferred to the starting point of the Batwa trail.

On reaching this point, you in for an emphatic welcome from the happy and welcoming community members, these people with help of your interpreter guide tell you the stories of their lives in the jungle and demonstrate to you how they used to co-exist with all the other jungle inhabitants, take you through their food preparation and share a meal with you if you are up for it.

You will also be introduced to the jungle clinic and showed the different herbs the Batwa use to heal their sicknesses.

Groove to The Rhythmic Batwa Music

This cultural safari Uganda encounter isn’t finished yet without a sounding and energetic performance from the Batwa people who will wow you with their dance moves and when you feel the dance beats have appealed to your inner soul, then feel free to join in the merry and groove to the rhythmic African beats of the Batwa and dance all your troubles away.

After this this experience you will be transferred back to your lodge to freshen up and have an early lunch after which you be transferred to the airstrip for a flight back to Kampala hence drawing the curtains to this 3-days gorilla safari Uganda.

Besides a Uganda gorilla tour, you can add a short Uganda wildlife safari or just a Uganda wildlife safari to any of the other Uganda National Parks including Kibale National Park that offers chimpanzee trekking safaris Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park that offers a complete big 5 wildlife safari in Uganda, Semuliki National Park that offers the best Uganda birding safaris.

We tailor combined Africa tours in different Africa safari countries to give you the Ultimate Africa Safari Memories as you visit a myriad of attractions in Rwanda to enjoy Rwanda safari activities such as a Rwanda gorilla safari in Volcanoes National Park.

Gorilla safaris Rwanda are available depending on the time your interested on spending on your Safari Rwanda like Rwanda short gorilla safari packages and Rwanda long gorilla tour packages such as a 1-day Rwanda gorilla trekking tour, 3days gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda, 4 days Rwanda gorilla & adventure safari. You can also do a wildlife safari in Rwanda by visiting Akagera National Park Rwanda.

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