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A Must Have in Your Gorilla Trekking Wardrobe! Uganda Safari News

Dear Tourist,

As you plan5 Days Gorilla Trekking Safaris Uganda Rwanda Primate Tour to join the thousands of people hoping to see mountain gorillas up close in their beautiful natural habitat, you need to be prepared for the trip both mentally and physically and not forgetting you must be well equipped.

Preparation for your Uganda gorilla trekking safari includes having a gorilla tracking proper wardrobe.

Mountain gorillas are endangered species, and they can only be found in Uganda Rwanda and Congo. Because they are mountain gorillas endangered species, many tourists are rushing to track them.

What You Must Have in your Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Wardrobe

When going for a Uganda gorilla safaris, we recommend our clients to wear sturdy clothes to help protect them against scratches as they go for their adventurous Uganda gorilla trekking safari experiences.

On your Uganda gorilla safari, a client should park a long-sleeved shirt, preferably of synthetic material because cotton shirts get drenched and heavy if it rains. These long-sleeved shirts will protect your arms from insect bites and hanging branches.

Trousers should be accompanied by a good pair of lightweight walking boots that cover the ankle as well as a pair of gaiters.

We recommend clients to purchase pants in synthetic materials. Clients may also wear waterproof pants on top of your regular pants, but it may not be necessary.

On Your Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Safari Day

On your gorilla tracking day, the temperature may vary and the weather conditions can change as well. Uganda Rwanda Congo gorilla trekking happens in areas of high altitude.

The Virunga volcanoes in Rwanda and Uganda stand at high altitudes which makes the areas cold, rainy, and humid. Because of this, we recommend carrying a light jumper or lightweight waterproof jacket or trousers.

A small backpack is useful to carry your water, pack lunch, camera and binoculars. Walking sticks are normally available at the park headquarters as are porters.


Your feet will need boots and socks. Mountain gorilla trekking is done through bushes and forests therefore you will navigate a couple of rocky paths and come across mud paddles.

You need the right shoes for all of that. Sturdy leather hiking boots that are high preferably above the ankles are all you need.

Hand Gloves and Head Gear

Protect your hands by wearing a pair of hand gloves or garden gloves are useful to prevent scratches in the hands in case they held themselves on a tree or anything that would be harmful.

Shades are also good because you may use them to shield your eyes from the sun when it comes. Besides the sun, shades also protect eyes from the gusts of wind. You can carry a hat or a cap to keep the head warm.

With all this, we hereby say your Uganda Rwanda gorilla trekking attire is complete and we wish you happy Uganda gorilla safaris!

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