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A Uganda Gorilla Safari Still Remains an Affordable Venture Despite The Newly Announced Increase In Gorilla Permits Fees- Uganda Safari News


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The Uganda wildlife authority in conjunction with all Uganda tourism governing bodies have announced an increase in the cost of Uganda gorilla trekking tour permits to 700 USD from the known 600USD for foreign nonresidents, foreign residents’ rates have shifted from 500USD to 600USD but the rates of East African Citizen have remained at 250000UGX and this has been done to attract more local residents to do gorilla trekking safari.

Although this increase was made Uganda still remains a really affordable gorilla destination given that Rwanda’s gorilla trekking permits still cost more than double the newly announced gorilla fees for Uganda that are only to be effected beginning July 2020 and this gives you almost 11 months to enjoy either a short Uganda gorilla safari or a long gorilla tour to any of our gorilla destinations of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park before the new fees kick in.

A Uganda gorilla tour takes you to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which is home to 400 gorillas and 18 habituated gorilla families that are open for a gorilla safari in Uganda.

The 18 gorilla families make Bwindi Impenetrable National Park the best gorilla destination to visit for your Uganda gorilla tour experience given its numerous families that exist here.

The gorilla families that are likely to encounter on your gorilla trekking safari Uganda include 4 gorilla families from the Buhoma sector which are Rushegura, Habinyanja, Mubare, and Katwe.

The Ruhija sector has also 4 gorilla families and these are Bitukura, Kyaguliro, Mukiza and Oruzogo. The Nkuringo sector has 2 gorilla families which are Nkuringo and Bushaho.

The remaining gorilla families are found in the Rushaga sector and these are Nshongi, Busingye, Kahungye, Mishaya, Rwigi, Mucunguzi, Bweza, and Bikiyingi. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is also home to 1 gorilla families named Nyakagezi.

The decision to increase gorilla permits fees was made during a stake holder’s meeting that was held in Jinja.

Uganda wildlife authority made changes in fees charged on other activities and these include golden monkey tracking whose price has increased from 90 USD to 100 USD for foreign nonresidents, 60USD to 80USD for foreign residents and 40000ugx to 60000ugx for east Africa residents.

Chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park has increased from 150USD to 200 USD for foreign non-residents, 100USD to 150USD for foreign residents and 100000ugx to 150000ugx for East African residents.

Although the price has gone a little bit up, the Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari experience you will get will be definitely worth every penny because during your chimpanzee trekking tour in Kibale, not only will get a nice encounter with the chimpanzees but you will as be in position to see several of the 12 other primates here as well as 350 bird species that are found in Kibale forest national park.

Chimpanzee habituation experience has increased from 200USD to 200USD for foreign non-residents, 200USD to 250USD for foreign residents and for east African residents remained at 150000ugx.

A small boat trip in Lake Mburo has increased from 20USD to 30USD for foreign non-residents, 20USD to 30USD for foreign residents, 20000ugx to 30000ugx for east African citizen.


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While in Lake Mburo National Park, you can also engage in a variety of activities such as a game drive, horse riding, biking, nature hikes and Uganda cultural safari.  Nature trekking following all UWA managed trails in Rwenzori Mountain National Park has been set at 50 USD for both foreign non-residents and foreign residents and 50000ugx for East African citizens.

If you have an opportunity to visit the Rwenzori National Park you will be to hike.

The newly introduced Lonyili summit trail in Kidepo Valley National  Park has been set at 50USD for foreign non-residents, 40USD for foreign residents and 50000UGX for East African citizens.

Accessing Sempaya hot springs has been made free for all visitors to Semuliki National Park. Commercial filming will be charged at 40% of the activity.

Uganda remains a destination of the preferred choice for both Uganda wildlife safari encounters and gorilla tours in Uganda and you can we have lined up numerous short Uganda wildlife safaris and long Uganda wildlife tours as well as numerous gorilla safari packages and these include the following.

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