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Why You Need to Book and Pay For Your Uganda Gorilla Trekking Permit in Advance!

5 Days Gorilla Trekking Safaris Uganda Rwanda Primate TourAre you interested in a Uganda gorilla tour on your safari Uganda?

As you plan your honeymoon trip in Uganda, vacation, family day out, or work holiday in Uganda, remember the importance of booking a Uganda gorilla safari permit in advance.

A gorilla permit is a document issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority that allows a tourist or traveler above the age of 15 years to go trekking or track mountain gorillas in any of their natural home in Uganda; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park on their safari in Uganda.

This gorilla permit is issued to an individual therefore it is used by on person. Travelers on gorilla tours in Uganda are allowed to track the gorillas in groups of 8 and restricted to encounter with the adorable primates for only an hour.

The gorilla trekking experience in Uganda may last between 2-8 hours depending on where the gorillas are.

Before starting your trekking journey, each individual will be required by the Uganda Wildlife Authority operatives to present their permits to confirm their individual gorilla permits and other credentials during their short briefing by the rangers at the Park.

The briefing starts at 8am at the par headquarters where your taught the gorilla trekking conduct as well as allocation of the gorilla group to track.

Importance of Booking and Paying For a Gorilla Tracking Permit in Advance

5 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking Wildlife & Chimpanzee SafariWe advise our clients and other travelers to book for his/her gorilla permit with a travel agent in Uganda in advance for it is so advantageous if your hoping to go for a gorilla trip in Uganda or Rwanda or in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gorilla permits for both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in most cases sell out quickly, below are some of the reasons as why one should book for the permits to avoid last minute bookings.

Travelers are advised to book their gorilla trekking safari permits 3-6 months prior to time of their expected journey in order to avoid short notice or last minutes frustrations especially about their chosen Uganda safari dates.

During the high season in the months of Jan, Feb, Mar, June, July, Aug, Oct and Dec, the permits tend to sell out very fast due to high demand within these months because there’s fewer rainfall.

There is scarcity of gorilla permits in the peak season as a result of high demand from clients all over the world.

Rwanda permits are expensively sold out to the clients and each permit goes for $1500 per person for the Foreign Non-Residents while the Uganda gorilla permits go for $600 per person for the Foreign Non-Residents in the peak season.

These price variations between Uganda and Rwanda tend to call for demand in Ugandan parks thus shortage of permits.

Bwindi impenetrable has over 10 gorilla troupes/families that scattered in various parts of the park.

A client should be aware that the best gorilla trekking regions in Uganda get booked faster as compared to the rest.

Some gorilla regions are easily accessed by road and have bigger gorilla families compared to others. So, permits in those regions tend to sell out so fast.

The lodges and camps within these good gorilla regions tend to get fully booked because of the proximity to famous gorilla families so this forces your agent to boo in other regions that may not have the accommodation you want, there may even be bad road, and they are a bit far from the park headquarters.

It should be noted that some tour companies tend to offer discounted fares for the gorilla permits in the low season in the park within the month of April, May and November.

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