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Prime Safaris, Your Best Companion on an Africa Safari Adventure- Uganda Safari News

Murchison falls national park uganda

Are you looking forward to making that ultimate Africa safari but you arent sure which local tour company to choose?

Let Prime Safaris be your ultimate guide on your Africa safari adventure as it has been tried and tested by time and other travellers to be one of the best travel and tourism company in East Africa that will give you that true African bush vibe with a luxury touch that you look for in your African safaris

A quick search for keywords on Google such as ‘safaris in Uganda’ or ‘tours in Ugandaranks Prime Safaris, on the first page which definitely speaks volumes about how frequently Prime Safaris products are searched on the internet.

Unlike Prime Safaris, other tour operating companies appear in the top section as Google Ads (paid text ads) that relate to the keyword used to conduct the search.

A quick glance at Prime Safaris website pages will culminate into you being spoilt with a variety of African safari packages that run through the east African countries of Uganda Rwanda Kenya and Tanzania.

A Uganda safari with Prime Safaris takes to any of Uganda national park destinations such as Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a magical gorilla encounter as Bwindi is home to 400 elusive mountain gorilla species, Kibale National Park is ideal for an epic encounter with man’s closest wild cousins the chimpanzees.

A visit to Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, kidepo National Park, Lake Mburo National Park will culminate into an encounter with some of the magnificent savanna wildlife mammals in Uganda which range from Africa’s big 5 game as well as other numerous wildlife mammals.

Enjoy  a Classic Wildlife Adventure 

Uganda national parks have continually captivated the hearts of travellers around the world and as a result, many of these national parks are highly ranked for a classic African wildlife adventure.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park was rated by CNN as the most beautiful place on the planet in 2019, it was also rated 15 out of 23 place with the best hikes in the world.

Safari bookings a world-renowned travel blog has ranked Kidepo Valley National Park was ranked 14th, QueenElizabeth National Park 34th and Murchison falls National Park 39th best parks for a classic wildlife adventure.

Prime safaris will gladly take you on a memorable journey to any of these Uganda safari destinations so that you can experience what others have already experienced.

Safari Packages We Offer

Uganda tour packages that range from Uganda gorilla safaris, Uganda wildlife safari packages, Uganda fishing safari, cultural safaris in Uganda, agricultural safaris and many others.

Click on the Rwanda safari page and navigate through the numerous Rwanda packages that traverse this beautiful country.

A visit to Rwanda puts you in a position to meet and greet with your eyes the shy but giant mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, chimpanzees in Nyugwe Forest National Park, then for a wildlife encounter in Rwanda, visit Rwanda’s Akagera National Park 

This also goes for congo safaris packages. For a spectacular Africa wildlife adventure, Prime Safaris offers you short wildlife safaris and long wildlife safaris that explore the sprawling savanna national parks of Kenya and Tanzania such as Masai Mara National Reserve, Nairobi National Park, Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Parks in Kenya while a visit to Tanzania endless plains of Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro crater Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park will leave you marvelled at that rich wildlife biodiversity that exists here 

What Do Statistical Figures Say About Online Marketing?

Given that Google statistics say that 75  percent of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results. Prime Safaris has capitalised on the use of carefully chosen search keywords that enable the company’s website to rank on the first page.

Unlike Prime Safaris practise, a renowned travel blogger Pamela Amia says the quickest way to get on page one of Google for a particular keyword is to pay for an advertisement.

“Once one signs up with Google, you select keywords you would like to target, then bid on how much you would like to pay every time your ad is clicked on.

The higher you bid per click, the higher your ad will appear to the top of the page,” she explains.

According to World Travel and Tourism Corporation (WTTC), 70 per cent of potential tourists look up to 20 reviews in their holiday planning process.

Thirty-three per cent will change their choice based on reviews and 53 per cent of them will not book a hotel with no reviews at all. Global statistics as of 2019 indicate that internet has 4 billion users, 2.32 billion people use facebook, youtube has 1.3 billion and 76.5 million are users of WordPress blogs. Meanwhile, 63 per cent of all travels are now researched, booked, bought and sold online. 

A total of 34,000 searches are conducted on Google every second, 75 per cent of internet users never scroll past the first page of search results.

The United States internet users (a major source tourism market for Uganda) spends three times more on blogs and social networks than they do on email.

Choosing Tourism Keywords

Primesafaris websites have rich content which the company uses as a way of marketing the different Africa safari destinations to which they take clients to for an Africa safaris experience.

Prime safaris’ position was also re-echoed by John B. Babirukamu, a trainer at Digital Marketing Centre, encourages tourism ventures to use appropriate keywords.

“Stay away from complicated words because most users search using very plain vocabulary. If you have good content in the search, adopt the key words, “he says.

He further urges stakeholders to make simple and relevant hashtags for their target audiences such as BeautifulAfrica, ThisisUganda, Tulambule and TakeABreak, among others. 

Impact of Internet marketing 

Online marketing has had far-reaching implications on the hospitality and tourism industry. Transportation and hoteliers were among the first ones to utilise internet marketing techniques in their practice to engage customers.

Today, destination authorities, tourism organisations, tour and travel operators have jumped on the bandwagon to enhance destination reputation, consumer opinion, spread information and transact businesses.

Reduced Transactions Costs

Specioza Kawarach, a digital content strategist at Marasa Africa, says they use a hotel management system called Micros Fidelio for their room reservations, revenue management and client relationship management.

The system is supported by internet, without which their functionality can be halted. “Our clients are mainly social travellers who rely on the internet to search for vacation destinations, compare prices through the different OTAs, make purchases using their cards, and share feedback during or after their holiday, mainly on trip advisor.

So go where our prospective clients are– online. This helps us keep tabs on competition, undertake market intelligence and envisage trends 24/7,” she says.

Prime Safaris has also adapted to the trend of online booking and all our website are a one-stop centre for all your safari booking needs as you can finalise your Uganda tour, Rwanda safari, Kenya safari, Congo safari or Tanzania wildlife safari in a few minutes without leaving that particular page you have clicked on.

This means, it doesnt matter where you are or what time of day it is, your Africa tour reservations can be made with just a click of a button.

Prime Safaris, maintains a steady presence on most if not all social media platforms and this is aimed at having a daily engagement with our potential clients as well as those that have already enjoyed any of our wide range of packages.

Lucky Agaba, a social media influencer and founder of  Take A Break-a domestic tourism initiative, says her initiative is steadily making returns.

Lucky Agaba, she further notes that the success of her initiative is hugely attributed to online marketing. “I use twitter and facebook and hope to effectively utilise the website.

I have grown from 10 to 50 bookings and confirmations for my affordable domestic trips through online influence and referrals because our target market is tech-savvy,” she explains.

Besides websites, social media is one of the most powerful online networking tools in the tourism business. It includes social networking sites, blogs, consumer review sites, wikis, among others. Tourism businesses and tourists connect socially, by integrating information and communication technology.

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