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The best Uganda Gorilla trekking safari interview ever! – Uganda safari News

Mountain gorilla trekking in uganda

Sharing time with mountain gorillas in the wilds of Africa’s rain forests on your Africa safari is utterly magical.

A Uganda gorilla safari of a package like a 3 days Uganda gorilla trekking safari, a 5 Days Uganda gorilla & wildlife safari or a 7 Days Uganda gorilla, chimps & wildlife safari tour prepares you for to encounter and enjoy their beauty and muscularity, their soulful brown eyes, their amazingly human-like expressions or their extraordinarily gentle conduct.

This special encounter or interaction with these majestic apes normally lasts just one precious hour, but Uganda is offering a new extended experience in an exciting evolution known as a Uganda gorilla habituation safari.

Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd always interacts with its clients to collect their views of what transpired during their Uganda safari, short Uganda wildlife safari, Jinja city tour, Kampala city tour, Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari, Uganda wildlife tour, or anything depending on what they booked with us.

We have had a small interview with our Luxury travelers; Audrey Cklein and his family and this is he had to say about his Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda.

Qn. How Long Did You Hike Before Meeting The Mountain Gorillas?

Ans. Woow! It was a long! The actual trek before getting to the gorillas was about 4 hours. We started and our journey at around 9am after a briefing from the park rangers.

The trek was simple, we trekked a fairy hill land but as we got close to the mountain gorillas, we began hiking through the Bwindi dense forest.

Some areas of the forest were properly cleared out into pathways however other areas were thick so the rangers helped us clear the way using a machete.

Qn. How Challenging Was The Climb?

Ans. We had 2 gorilla treks on different days and the second trek was a slightly longer and took us up into the lofty mountains, however we didn’t go very far into the dense forest to view these giant mountain gorillas. The majority of it was through a hilly farmland.

Qn. How Many Did You Track?

Ans. During our briefing, we were told only 8 people track a particular family. So we trekked in a group of 8.

It was me, my wife, my two children and the other 4 were couples. Our group was accompanied by a ranger guide plus 3 porters.

Qn. How Did You Get To Your Allocated Mountain Gorillas Family?

Ans. The park rangers must have a scheme of where the various gorilla groups were because some of the rangers walk into the forest to find the gorilla groups.

These then radio to the rest of the group and give them directions of where to go. We were told these gorillas just move half a kilometer each day so because they don’t go very far, it is easier to locate them starting from their previous location.

Qn. How Did You Feel After Seeing The Mountain Gorillas?

Ans. It was a very amazing experience that me and my family hadn’t encountered our entire life. I all felt like it a dream and the gorillas are all real.

You know we had only seen a documentation of these wonderful apes. Because it was real now, we got very close to these giants at some points that could have even touched one.

Truth is that I was tempted but we were told not to touch them. It was hard to believe how their movements were really human-like, they nature kids just like us! It’s very awesome and probably it’s the best thing I have seen on this safari.

Qn. How Long Did You Watch The Gorillas?

Ans. We were permitted to observe the gorillas for 1 hour however I would have spent with them the entire day! The park just accepts a single group of people to see a gorilla family each day.

6 Days Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda chimpanzee tracking tourQn. Were You Surprised by Anything During The Encounter?

Ans. It actually rained the first day we tracked and we realized gorillas are some inactive in the rain!

They sit a lot beneath the tree shed to shelter themselves from the rain.

As we watched them shelter under the trees, we heard this grating in the branches just above us.

Then sudden a giant silver back came down on one of the trees in front of us, knocking me off-balance into another tracker!

If I had not fallen backwards, I think he would have hit me! he then stood in front of us and hit his chest implying that he is the boss here.

We also observed a mother gorilla that had folded her hands sitting beneath tree branches. She simply stared at us however didn’t appear to care about our presence.

After slightly shifted her arms and later we discovered that she was protecting her baby against the rain. There is no way we could have even imagined that she had a baby with her.

Later when the silver back moved on and the rest of us were all astonished so we just followed them.

The second day was clear, it didn’t rain. As we walked through the forest we came across a family with nearly fifteen gorillas.

The majority of the gorillas were eating. We watched them lower their mouths to pull up the roots to feed on. The mothers were seated carrying their babies.

The youths (juveniles) were feeding and playing about while the huge silver back simply sat and folded his arms as he observed everyone.

Gorillas were quite funny. As our one hour with the mountain gorillas was coming to an end, the silver back raised up and began walking in our direction.

At that moment we were able to observe its huge size. He sat just in front of us, as though he was posing for pictures, and looked at us.

Certainly many of us were still in shock while others were busy taking pictures with their cameras. After about 3 minutes of taking pictures, he rose again and walked off. Unhurriedly the rest of the gorillas followed him.

As well trekked back to the starting point, another gorilla’s family walked past us and did not seem bothered at all by our presence. I was amazed to see these other giants that by passed us. The experience will last forever in my memory!

Qn. Did you feel in danger while in the forest?
surprisingly we were strong! We didn’t believe any of us had that feeling, apart from when the huge silver back swung down from the tree.

I feel part of that came from the calm conduct of our forest ranger guides so that helped to keep us all calm and relaxed.

Qn. Many People Say That Observing a Mountain Gorilla in The Wild is a Very Amazing Experience. Is this true?

Ans. Yes! I truly agree and encourage everyone to take this amazing adventure

Qn. Any advice for those planning to trek the mountain gorillas?

Ans. Rain gears, even if it appears to be sunny and the skies clear, you should have these on you since it rains at whatever time here. My rain jacket saved me that day. Although it doesn’t rain, the forest is pretty wet. My rain pants helped me to sit and even kneel on the damp ground to have a closer view of them.

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